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Exclusive Debt Settlement Leads

Exclusive high quality debt settlement and debt consolidation leads, take your business to the next level.

Debt Settlement Lead Generation

I generate debt relief leads from 100% organic searches. Find the best quality and exclusive debt relief leads.

Debt Relief Leads

Exclusive debt relief leads from 100% organic searches. Obtain new debt negotiation leads for your team with new fresh debt relief leads.

Debt Consolidation Leads

100% Exclusive! My Exclusive Debt Consolidation Leads are generated online and sold to one firm, and I mean one firm only!

Your Own Personal SEO Pro

I have been in the seo business over 20 years now. Let my sites take the ranking risks, while you rake in the profits from our debt relief leads.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

I provide debt settlement leads and consolidation leads for USA and Canadian companies that provide unsecured loan & credit card debt relief solutions. This offer is not from some professional lead reseller company, rather you would be working with a very professional SEO that has been in this business since 1995 and knows how to rank sites and generate debt consolidation leads from purely organic traffic from Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Have you ever wished you could rank your own site on the top of the searches and get REAL FRESH search engine leads instead of buying junk that has been sold many times over? How great would it be if consumers in debt would fill out one simple form and end up instantly in front of your best deal closers so they could call them back immediately while they are still sitting in front of their computers? Well that is what I do, and I do it very well! So well in fact that I have been servicing just one company for many, many years, until now!

Why This Offer Now?

Like I said above, I have been selling debt settlement leads to just one debt consolidation company for many years but lately I have been getting the feeling that they are not doing so well. Having a back up debt elimination company or two to handle my live leads is the smart thing to do. In the past I would just put out some emails to the top settlement guys that are paying Google CRAZY amounts for their ads and see who replies. This is not a great use of my time, and if the new office is not as legit as they said, then the whole process has to start over again.

At the time I am writing this, I think it has been close to 7 or 8 years since we have needed a debt relief leads buyer. And what better way to showcase my SEO skills than by getting this one page piece of junk debt relief page ranking on the first page of the debt elimination searches?

OK, You Must be Expensive, Right?

You know the saying, if you have to ask the price then you probably can't afford me. Well I have nothing to hide as far as debt consolidation leads pricing. What I am looking for is someone who would be happy to take all debt consolidation generated leads (in all States) in bulk without squabbling over the few that may have come in with bad info, or a few debt consolidation leads from states you can't work in. If I send you 100 of the purest debt settlement leads each week and you put your best closers on them and close 20% or more, then I don't want to have to hear about 3-5% that may be bad or your people could not contact. I know there are going to be bad leads from idiots filling out my forms, but the percentage is small.

OK, the actual price...
Let's say that I would be happy at $35 per lead with you realizing that they are the best, but they come in bulk. If you offer me $30 and another office offers me $35 or more with bonus's for closed deals, guess what? Now I am not just looking for the highest bidder, I would rather make a little less and know I have no worries about debt elimination leads payments for many years. Also I do my best to remove the duplicate debt elimination leads where the consumer hits the submit button a few times, but that usually only happens when your server is having issues and my server is having problems posting my debt elimination leads to your backend. If I miss some, you can always adjust your payment for the week with a note as to why.

I also am not just looking for the biggest offices in the USA (or Canada) to work with. I realize that every major city in the USA has more than a few debt companies looking for debt reduction leads. It is much nicer for me to provide debt elimination leads to smaller companies where I can play a major part of their debt elimination leads sourcing and not just another debt elimination leads guy to the major players. If you are a smaller office looking for debt elimination leads, don't hesitate to contact me. If you have a non-profit counseling office then that would be best, but strictly settlement offices as well can be helped.

Keep in mind, if you contact me for debt consolidation leads and want to work together, I will need a few grand as a deposit to cover my A$$. I have been ripped off in the past by two companies, that isn't going to happen again, no getting around that one.

Closing Final Points

  1. You get the leads first and don't pay until the following week - Ya they are that good and I know you will pay to keep them coming!
  2. Debt relief leads are billed on a weekly basis from Monday to Sunday with the cut-off Sunday midnight Pacific time.
  3. Debt elimination leads invoices generated and ready for you each Monday morning, must be paid and in my account by Wednesday each week.
  4. All debt consolidation leads posted to your database in real time, one lead, one office exclusive.
  5. Minimum debt amount on my forms is $5,000 -- BUT I am thinking about raising that number, worked good 20 years ago, kind of low now.
  6. Debt elimination leads volume varies by season, approximately 100 or so USA debt settlement leads per week available.
  7. My volume for Canadian debt relief leads is low right now, but if interested we can talk about them.
  8. I like working with nice people and refuse to work with assholes, be nice, be respective, and we will do great.
  9. No email spam, pay per click or other JUNK is used. 100% of the leads come from real consumers searching Google/Bing for your help!
  10. I have a large network of USA sites that generate debt settlement leads all from organic searches, these are people looking for you.